Belton Swivel Flash Drive

Product Code:PCU607 Hi-Res Image Download

Product Colour: Red,Blue,Black,Green,Orange,Yellow,White,Purple,Burgandy
PMS match to any colours with $35+gst PMS match fee and free for QTY 1,000+

48HR Stock Colour:
Metal Swivel: White, Silver, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Black

Rubber case: Red, Blue, Black
Pricing & Branding Options

Price is ex-GST,ex freight.1 colour 1 side print or laser engraving included. 5 Day service is available at additional cost. Please contsct us for pricing.

UNIT PRICE SETUP 50+ 100+ 250+ 500+ 1000+ 2500+ 5000+ 10000+
2wk 512MB 1 col/pos Waived $3.81943133 $2.946534335 $2.339291845 $2.195734979 $2.091019313 $2.012054721 $POA $POA
2wk 1GB 1 col/pos Waived $4.210332618 $3.303444206 $2.849592275 $2.701636266 $2.470203863 $2.38791309 $POA $POA
2wk 2GB 1 col/pos Waived $4.275482833 $3.362929185 $2.88693133 $2.726314378 $2.506899142 $2.424286481 $POA $POA
2wk 4GB 1 col/pos Waived $4.367285408 $3.446748927 $2.974055794 $2.812687768 $2.5802897 $2.497033262 $POA $POA
2wk 8GB 1 col/pos Waived $4.530160944 $3.595461373 $3.110965665 $2.936078326 $2.702607296 $2.618277897 $POA $POA
2wk 16GB 1 col/pos Waived $5.374152361 $4.366062232 $3.795515021 $3.565370172 $3.2775 $3.188127682 $POA $POA
2wk 32GB 1 col/pos Waived $5.581448498 $4.555332618 $3.932424893 $3.725777897 $3.424281116 $3.333621245 $POA $POA
Additional Print col or engraving/pos Waived $0.2 $0.15 $0.1 $0.07 $0.05 $0.04 $POA $POA
Additional cost of full col print/ 1 side Waived $0.76 $0.38 $0.36 $0.34 $0.32 $0.3 $POA $POA
8GB Additional cost of 3.0 Waived $1.84 $1.84 $1.84 $1.84 $1.84 $1.84 $POA $POA
16GB Additional cost of 3.0 Waived $1.96 $1.96 $1.96 $1.96 $1.96 $1.96 $POA $POA
32GB Additional cost of 3.0 Waived $2.12 $2.12 $2.12 $2.12 $2.12 $2.12 $POA $POA
5 days additional cost Waived $1.19 $0.95 $0.65 $0.55 $0.45 $0.35 $POA $POA
48hr 4GB full col print $50/design $4.69 $4.25 $4.13 $4.02 $3.97 $POA $POA $POA
48hr Additional cost of full col print/ 1 side $50/design $0.51 $0.39 $0.39 $0.39 $0.39 $POA $POA $POA
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Product Description

Make data upload and data transfer easy and stylish! USB flash drives are one of the most in demand and useful promotional items nowadays. Choose from our collection of metal and hard plastic flash drives, and customizes them according to your brand.

Additional information


USB pricing is updated every two weeks, at the start and middle of the month, according to market prices. Our website will always have our latest up to date pricing, so please confirm pricing on our website before placing an order.
please note that for metal USB print, if the product is likely to come into contact with other metal objects, there is a risk that the print will be scratched off. So in this situation we would recommend using engraving, as a more durable alternative.

Please note that the swivel case is available in 2 effects (anodizing & spray coating), and the spray coating swivel case may take longer turnaround time to complete. There may be additional costs involved. Please contact us before process into an order.

Lead time is from confirmation of artwork approval. Lead time refers to dispatch, final delivery time will depend on location and type of courier used.

Upon request, we can provide certification documents for the factories that we source our products from. If you have a certain requirement, please mention at the time of quoting, so we can ensure to source from the appropriate factory before commencing the order. If we are required to switch a factory that we source from, to meet a certain requirement, there may be variations in price applicable.

Product Specification

Product size:57 x 20 x 11 mm

Print size: A:23 x 12 mm

Carton Information:G/N Weight:15kgs

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